Nursing home


We guarantee a complete living environment, in which your loved ones receive personal supervision, care, access to an experienced healthcare team, and a variety of recreational activities for their maximum convenience.



Qualified medical team

Qualified team with extensive professional experience takes continuous care of the well-being of the elderly at the St. George Residence.


Walks and Relax

St. George Nursing home has a large park for walking and relaxing in the fresh air. The garden area is 5 acres, including natural landscaped areas, a fountain, walkways, benches, and the St. George Chapel.


Video surveillance

In order to provide a safe environment for our guests, there are cameras and alarm systems located at the St George Residence.


Rehabilitation Center

The rehabilitation center is equipped with up-to-date and new medical equipment for therapeutic exercise.



The St. George Residence has a spacious, elegant and stylish restaurant that serves our guests. We offer quality, healthy and nutritious foods, depending on the health status and person choice.


Cosmetic services

If requested by our guests, we provide assistance for the use of hairdressing services.


Physiotherapy Office

The rehabilitation center is equipped with up-to-date and new medical equipment for therapeutic exercise.


A place for relaxation

The St. George Residence has a seating area and a library, where our guests, through various activities, and board games, communicate with each other, and with the specialists from our team, where they can hold meetings.

услуги в дом за стари хора


Prices for accommodation are between 33-50 levs per day, with expenses for food, medical care and sanitary care included. The cost of medicines and supplies are extra charged.

St. George Nursing home offers all the amenities for the maximum comfort of your loved ones.

St. George Nursing home
Nursing home